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Microsoft Excel Add-In to browse and save icons from Microsoft Office.
Includes a compilation of 8,899 image names and a library for use with Excel development.


In building Microsoft Office Add-Ins and applications, ImageMSO icons (the images embedded in Microsoft Office core Applications that graphically represent controls) have come to frequent use as they very effectively illustrate several actions intended by underlying controls. Outside of the Microsoft Office embedded development environments though, ImageMSO icons are difficult to extract and use, as is the case with compiled .NET Add-Ins.

Searching online, there are resources provided by Microsoft as well as many posts that outline do-it-yourself processes to aide in finding and extracting ImageMSO icons for custom use but these resources have the following limitations:
  • Searching ImageMSO names by keywords and correlating those names to images is a tedious and error prone process.
  • The process to build a onetime solution to extract the ImageMSO icons, when only a few icons might be targeted, is repeated by every user and developer.
  • The do-it-yourself solutions require development knowledge and an integrated development environment even when the purpose does not warrant such measures.
This project amalgamates and extends the knowledge base and presents it in a development ready library and user friendly Microsoft Excel Add-In.




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